Laser Gum Therapy FAQs

step by step view of how lanap heals advanced gum diseaes

LANAP® helps heal advanced gum disease and regenerate osseous bone and tissue.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about LANAP®. If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.

How do lasers work in dentistry?

Lasers emit near infrared photonic safe radiation in the form of light. This energy is harnessed and transmitted via a fiber glass piece the size of three human hairs in a variety of ways for different procedures. For surgical procedures, the laser acts as an alternative cutting instrument or can vaporize tissues.

Why use PerioLase® MVP-7™?

PerioLase® MVP-7™ is the only laser with a protocol that is FDA cleared and supported by scientific research and independent human histology. PerioLase® MVP-7™ is the most highly selective laser ever manufactured in removing only damaged or diseased tissue, leaving nearly all healthy connective tissue completely unharmed.

Is there any pain in laser treatment?

Laser treatments offer significantly less pain and discomfort than typically associated with traditional cut and suture dental surgery. Patients experience little pain as the laser manipulates gums and removes bacteria and damaged tissue without invasive cutting. The laser targets only bacteria and disease tissue, so healthy tissue is unaffected and largely pain-free.

Is laser dentistry more expensive?

In most cases, laser dentistry is similar or slightly more expensive than the cost of traditional periodontal surgery but it is dependent on the severity of the gum disease. Most doctors prefer laser surgery as it offers the patient a better experience. In some cases, laser dentistry is necessary for
successful treatment. Additionally, laser dentistry has a higher long-term success rate, decreasing the likelihood of incurring additional costs from multiple treatments. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Are dental lasers safe?

When operated within practice guidelines, dental lasers are as, if not more, safe compared to other dental treatments. During laser procedures you will be asked to wear protective glasses, much like you wear sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

How can I be sure my dental professional is trained on a laser?

Ask your periodontist about the extent of his/her training or what was entailed before making a decision. Be sure the periodontist or a member of the staff provide a certification for an educational and training course from the laser manufacturer. Check here to see if the Periodontist was trained by the IALD (Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry). This organization is the profession’s leading independent source for laser education and certification for a laser surgery.

How will I know if laser dentistry is an option for me?

Ask your specially trained periodontist whether or not laser dentistry is a potential treatment option for you. Although a very useful and efficient tool, laser dentistry may not be the appropriate method for all clinical cases.

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